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Low-voltage electrical appliances "fight" Which companies will "fire"?

Polaris Smart Grid Online News: In recent years, China's low-voltage electrical appliance market has entered a high-growth era. Foreign capital, state-owned enterprises, and private enterprises have started to conquer cities and seize market share. The first-tier cities across the country have been slowly developing under the shadow of saturation of demand and policy pressures. If you want to successfully occupy a place in their own development in this extremely competitive environment, they will definitely not do without certain strength and correct market strategies. In the "big battle" in the low-voltage electrical market, which companies are already ready to move and are ready to start to seize the market?

Switch use of composite silver contacts

In the switch industry, manufacturers and application companies of a certain scale generally know how to choose silver contacts to ensure the quality and life of the switch, but many small and medium-sized enterprises lack understanding of silver contacts. A switch with silver contacts to open or close a circuit, break current, or make it flow to other circuits. In the field of silver contact, it is generally divided into pure silver contact, silver nickel alloy contact, silver tin oxide contact, silver cadmium oxide contact and so on.

Silver contact details

Silver contacts broadly refer to the intersection of the separation and contact of electronic appliances when they are disconnected and closed. Because metal conductor terminals are prone to instantaneous heat and sparks at the moment of contact, the multi-frequency process in which the contact points are used In this case, oxidation and electrolysis are easy to occur, so the contact point is increased and thickened, or made of polymer metal (copper and silver are mostly two materials), so this contact point made of polymer metal , Or the point that is thickened by the same material is called silver contact.

Brief description of electrical contact materials

Brief description of electrical contact materials 1. Electrical contact materials can be divided into the following categories according to the purpose of use: (1) Silver and silver alloy electrical contacts are used for high conductivity and weak current (low-energy circuits) occasions. (2) Platinum and palladium alloy electrical contacts are used for corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, and weak current applications. (3) Ag-W, Ag-CdO, Ag-Ni, Ag-SnO and other silver-based alloy material electrical contacts are used for arc-resistant, high-conductivity, and low-load occasions. (4) Ag-Cu, palladium, and gold-based multi-element precious metal alloy electrical contacts are used for sliding contacts with wear resistance and low contact resistance.

The meaning of quoting silver contacts

Both silver contacts and fine-grained silver tools have extremely strong thermal and electrical conductivity, good welding function, low and constant contact resistance, crystalline silver has a small amount of nickel in the silver, which greatly refines the grains of the data structure. Under the premise of almost the same contact resistance, its mechanical strength and temperature resistance are higher than silver. Silver contacts have the highest electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, and have very low contact resistance, easy to process and easy to weld.
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